Where is Ken Ring?

Posted March 22, 2011

After all the hype around Ken Ring's earthquake prediction for Canterbury on Sunday, the man himself seems to have disappeared. Any media trainer would have told Mr Ring to be available for media interviews on Sunday to defend himself, regardless of whether his prediction came true or not. By not being around, other commentators have had all the limelight, with 90 percent of them attacking 'The Moon Man'. There even seems to be some confusion as to what the prediction was. Some say it was for a magnitude 8 aftershock, others say the 5.1 that occurred on Sunday night showed that the prediction was accurate. But the vast majority believe his theory is too loopy to take seriously. But without the man himself available to defend his theory, people will conclude he has either admitted defeat, or doesn't have a leg to stand on. Media trainers such as myself may use this no-show as an example of what not to do in similar situtations.
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