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To protect and grow your reputation through the news media, there are three important components to look for in any media training package. Practice is without doubt number one. That’s why any media training workshop you attend must include lots of mock interviews.

The second requirement is an understanding of the media interview process. This includes how to get your points across, how to satisfy your interviewee and how to come across as credible in the process. It’s important that this knowledge is relevant in today’s world. The rules of media interviews have changed over recent years as the needs of the media have changed.

The third vital component is usually missing from media training packages and can be disastrous for spokespeople. That’s the need for ongoing practice. This is no less important than it is for athletes. Most media training is done and dusted in half a day and the next time it’s used is the real thing. This could be months or even years later. By then, any new skills are lost, just like an athlete loses fitness.


How does Media Training NZ’s Complete Package address these components?

  • The workshops explain the knowledge required in the 2016 news media landscape and then test participants regularly in mock interviews.
  • Participants take away a copy of “Media Training for Modern Leaders”, written by your trainer, Pete Burdon. This was published in Melbourne earlier this year and is selling in bookshops across Australia. It’s one of the most up-to-date media training books in the world.
  • Participants gain 3-months access to the online Media Training Academy. This includes the same content as the workshops and allows clients to put themselves to the test (or maintain their fitness) with the inbuilt media interview scenarios. Access to this can be renewed and used as regular refresher training.


These components can be purchased individually, but together provide a powerful package that creates excellent spokespeople and keeps them at the top of their game. Take a look at the Media Training page for more details and contact Pete to organise training specifically tailored for you or your organisation.

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What my clients are saying

" I put the skills I learnt in Pete Burdon's workshop to immediate use. I had to front media the following week and also present to a large corporate group. The techniques I took away from the training helped me work out exactly what I wanted to say and get it across in both formats in the best possible way. "
Andrew Sharp, CEO, Bobux International New Zealand

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