Putting you at ease with both online and offline media training

Media Training NZ is an absolute specialist in helping its clients shine during all media interviews, whether for print, radio, television or online. It's the company's one and only focus.

All courses and workshops give you the confidence in knowing that you will come across as comfortable and relaxed, even if you are being grilled with difficult questions. You will become an expert at spreading your message throughout your interviews in a way that satisfies both reporters and their audiences.

Your new skills will allow you to make the most of positive media encounters, while also surviving difficult interviews that can damage reputations and even careers in some instances.

Without such training and an understanding of how media interviews are like no other conversations, leaders can come across as clumsy, uncaring, fail to get their messages across and even be quoted out of context in a way that does irrevocable damage. Don't let that be you.

For more information on our services, visit Media Training, Why We’re Different and About Us, or contact Pete on 029 200 8555 or email pete@mediatrainingnz.co.nz 

Clients we have worked with

What my clients are saying

" I found the day to be extremely helpful and informative. The interview sessions were very valuable and certainly gave you first-hand experience of being in the hot seat. I think the training should be compulsory for new mayors and CEO’s. Thanks again for a great day. "
Vivian Napier, Mayor, South Wairarapa District Council, New Zealand

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