What We Do

Keynote Presentations

In addition to his training, Pete regularly addresses conferences and other events as either the keynote speaker or the presenter of a breakout workshop.

He uses real-life video examples and his own stories to back up the points he is making. Engaging, funny at times and highly practical, audiences are both entertained and learn some valuable new skills.

Pete presents on a number of topics related to the news media. The following are the most popular.

When you are the headline

How to face the news media with confidence in today's world

This focuses heavily on how to turn any media interview into an opportunity. It looks at what the media need, and how to get your points across and into media stories.

What makes this unique is how it's designed for today's leaders, taking into account all the recent changes in the news media landscape.  Consistent feedback shows that this presentation helps audience members communicate better in a variety of situations, not just with the media.

Presentations typically last from 30-minutes to 2-hours and are always specifically tailored for your audience.

I attended Pete Burdon’s session at the PRINZ Conference in 2014 and learnt lots, despite having run my own media training sessions with clients. I’d endorse his services not only for those wanting to become better in this field but also for those PR practitioners advising clients, CEOs and executives on conducting media interviews. Bruce Fraser (Fraser Consultants Ltd and former Chair of Public Relations Institute of New Zealand PRINZ)

News Media A to Z

What the media want and how you fit into the picture

This presentation tells you everything you need to know about the news media. It uncovers many myths, and gives you constructive advice on how to turn the media from a perceived threat into a major opportunity. It looks at how to attract positive publicity, how to master media interviews and how to deal with the media when crisis strikes.

Presentations typically last from 30 minutes to 2 hours and are always specifically tailored for your audience.

The messages Pete Burdon shared with us were mind-blowing. His entertaining presentation covered exactly how we as school leaders must deal with journalists today. This was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. I think it should be mandatory for all school leaders.
Michelle Jadoo (Principal, St Mary’s, Avondale, Auckland)