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Media Interview Skills for Modern Leaders Workshops

These workshops prepare you for every media opportunity that may face you or your organisation.

They also include 12 months access to the "Media Training Academy." See below.

Whether you are preparing for an interview with One News, the Sunday Star Times, or a small website, Pete can make you shine.

What is different about this media training?

  • It's conducted by someone who has worked on both sides of the interview. That means it takes into account the needs and concerns of both reporter and spokesperson.
  • Pete literally wrote the book on this. "Media Training for Modern Leaders" is one of the most up to date Media Training publications in the world.
  • The practical focus. Pete gives you the theory you need, but no more. For the full-day workshop, you will usually be on camera five times. That's the only way to master the skills.
  • Important: All workshop attendees receive 12 months access to online media training where they can refresh their skills and take part in mock interviews through their computer webcams at any time and watch the interview back immediately. This is important because while you learn a lot in one workshop, becoming a master of the media interview requires ongoing practice. This is a huge point of difference with other media training companies. 

What exactly will you learn?

  • Ensure what you say gets reported by the media
  • Avoid being taken out of context or misquoted by journalists
  • Look and feel confident in media interviews
  • Be prepared for media scrutiny
  • Communicate better with all other stakeholders

How do Media Training workshops work?

The primary training method is videotaped, mock interviews. Pete believes it is important that you are on camera as much as possible. One specific skill is focused on at a time, before you are asked to put that into practice on camera. This is followed by a constructive critique. Then a new area becomes the focus.

Because this practical element of training is so important, the numbers in these workshops are limited to small groups. That way you get all the attention you need.

While you will leave confident about dealing with the toughest of interviews, the objective is to build confidence rather than solely scare you with aggressive interview techniques from the outset.

Training Format Options

Private Group Training Online or Face-to-Face

This can take place at either your premises across New Zealand, or at Media Training NZ in Christchurch or online through Zoom. The training will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

One-on-One Training

This can be done over an intense half day or a full day. It can also take place at either your premises, Media Training NZ in Christchurch or online through Zoom. This will also be tailored specifically for your needs.

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