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Below are descriptions of our courses and workshops. Have a look through them and contact us with any questions or if you'd like us to present you with a quote tailored to your needs.

Our "Media Interview Skills for Modern Leaders" workshops include 12 months access to the "Media Training Academy" for all attendees.

Our Courses

Media Interview Skills For Modern Leaders Workshops

This workshop is for media spokespeople either new to the role, or existing ones who want to brush up on their media skills. The workshop is unique because it has been adapted to take into account recent changes in the news media landscape that affect media interview requirements and preparation. Participants learn how to appear and feel confident during interviews, how to ensure their points get reported and how to avoid being misquoted or taken out of context. One skill is learnt at a time before participants are asked to put that into practice on camera.

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Zoom Media Interview Skills For Modern Leaders Workshops

This workshop is identical to the face-to-face version but it is presented online. Participants all get access to the Media Training Academy (below) for a full year after the training.

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Media Training Academy (Online Practical Media Training)

This is unique among online media training courses because of its practical nature. Participants are taught the theory through video, before they are asked to put their new skills into practice with our online media interview scenarios. This is perfect for those who can't spare the time for face-to-face media training sessions, the geographically remote and organisations that find it difficult to bring staff together for training from different locations. It's also perfect for those who need the skills but are uncomfortable with interview role-plays in front of peers. Contact us for a demonstration and pricing.

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All courses and workshops give you the confidence in knowing that you will come across as comfortable and relaxed, even if you are being grilled with difficult questions. You will become an expert at spreading your message throughout your interviews in a way that satisfies both reporters and their audiences.

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