Quake boss John Hamilton needs media training

Posted April 1, 2011

Civil Defence boss in Christchurch John Hamilton is no natural in front of a TV camera. He has trouble expressing any emotion when talking to the media, unlike Bob Parker. That makes him look cold. He may be doing a wonderful job, but his inability to warm to the camera using his voice and facial expressions is an issue for him. He needs to know that unless he puts on a slight smile, even in a bad situation like this, he looks like he is frowning. This is what TV does to anyone. Lots of business people are frustrated that they aren't getting any information about when they will get back into their offices to get their stuff. I'm one of them. Because Mr Hamilton looks uncomfortable in front of a TV camera, he might be avoiding the media. But he should be having briefings with them at least daily as a way to keep business people and others in the loop. A round of media training would be of huge benefit. I'm sure he's doing a great job. He just needs to learn how to communicate properly and do it more often.
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