Key bid on Peter's 'No' sign political genious

Posted March 15, 2011

John Key's decision to bid on the "No" sign used by Winston Peters at a press conference in 2008 was political genious. Mr Peters used the sign to deny that a $100,000 donation from businessman Owen Glenn had been used inappropriately. [caption id="attachment_325" align="alignright" width="200" caption="John Key"][/caption] The whole issue around the donation tainted Mr Peters and many believe it led to his demise at the 2008 General Election. By putting in the bid, Mr Key will not only be seen to support the Canterbury Eathquake appeal, but it will also bring the whole donation incident back into the minds of potential New Zealand First voters when they see it in their daily newspaper. Mr Key has already ruled out working with Mr Peters in the next Government, so anything that helps keep him out of the picture will be welcomed by Mr Key and his party.
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