Key and Goff show media training skills in final debate

Posted November 23, 2011

Both Phil Goff and John Key showed the benefits of media training tonight by lifting their performances in the final leaders debate on TVNZ's Close Up. Media training has clearly been on their agenda's over the last few days as they fine tuned the messages they wanted to get across to undecided voters. Key has always been gifted at communicating his messages clearly and briefly. That was evident again tonight. His main messages were National's focus on growing jobs by backing small businesses and his concern that Labour would increase the costs on these businesses. Phil Goff focused on asset sales and the need to lift the minimum wage. Any media training course will tell participants to focus on a few key messages and keep refering back to them. Both Key and Goff did this well tonight. However, Goff's consistant laughing and grinning at Key's answers let him down. It made him look less professional than Key. The clear winner was Key, but the media training Goff must have had over the past four weeks has been money well spent. Then again, we may need to wait until Saturday night to make that call.
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