Goff improves media training skills

Posted November 21, 2011

Labour leader Phil Goff has clearly received media training over the last few weeks as he came across far better in tonight's TV3 leaders debate than he did in his first encounter with Prime Minister John Key. Goff was more statesmanlike, appearing assertive without the confrontational style that let him down in the first debate. He also showed more personality. He seemed relaxed and smiled more. This reasonated well with the group of undecided voters whose approval or disapproval of the leaders answers was shown throughout the debate. This was through their control of devices linked to the so-called worm that showed up on TV screens throughout the debate. However, Key was not outdone by the Labour leader. He has a way of getting his message out, even if he has very little time to do so. Goff clearly came out of the blocks ahead, but the PM's media training skills saw him come through in the back straight to catch Goff on the line. The arguements of the two men were predictable, but perhaps the most interesting part of the debate was when moderator John Campbell asked them about their potential coalition partners. The undecided voters were unimpressed when Goff would not rule out working with Winston Peters. From a media training point of view, I declare the debate as a draw.
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