Take advantage of media training skills in holidays

Posted December 18, 2012

The summer holidays are a great time to put your media training skills to the test and generate some free publicity. That's because there is little going on for reporters to cover, meaning the threshold for your idea making it into the news is lower than normal. Media Training NZ has a specific course focused on how to attract media interest. It covers issues like what journalists want, how to target them and how to communicate with them. For those who are not media savvy, you could still contact your local newspaper if there's something you think may interest readers. But remember that although the threshold is lower, your idea should still be newsworthy. Things or events that relate to topical issues or are out of the ordinary are good places to start. These are areas the media like to focus on. If you do get an interview, remember the media training fundamentals of preparing your media message, sound bites and your bridging techniques so you can return to your key points as often as possible. For those of you who are interested in the Media Training NZ course, "Stand Out with Traditional Media", contact us about our upcoming courses in the New Year.
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