Shearer shows media training progress in Dotcom affair

Posted October 12, 2012

Labour claims that a video exists of John Key joking about Kim Dotcom with the GCSB before he supposedly knew about the man may be a total fabrication, but the whole affair has shown the media training progress of David Shearer. The Labour leader still has work to do, but the whole issue has shown that his media training appears to be helping him communicate more clearly and concisely. His long-winded and complex answers to questions are seen less often, so viewers can now understand his message better. But he still has some way to go to foot it with John Key, who always looks natural, regardless of the situation. This is something Shearer needs to work on in his media training sessions. Some commentators say he now needs to come up with the proof that a video exists to maintain his credibility. But I disagree and look at this from a different perspective. The whole issue has finally seen him in the media spotlight ahead of Green co-leader Russell Norman. He is in desperate need of this publicity, as Labour needs to show itself as the major party in a future government. At the moment, the Greens appear to be the main party in opposition. So from a media training and political standpoint, this will have been good for Labour, even if the tape can't be produced. Shearer can still maintain the line that there must have been a tape. He might as well do this until the media lose interest. Until then, it will keep him on attack, and John Key on the defense. The more that happens, the more chance Labour has of growing its popularity in the opinion polls. Shearer must also continue his media training. He's showing improvements, but still has work to do.
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