Media Training advice for La Leche League

Posted February 10, 2012

The pro breast feeding La Leche League is in need of some serious media training advice after their handling of the Piri Weepu bottle feeding episode this week. The league demanded the withdrawal of a Smokefree advertisement where the All Black was featured feeding his baby a bottle of formula. The group is well known for its views that 'the breast is best', but the perception is that they reject the use of formula in all situations. From a media training perspective, this was evident again this week with the Weepu episode. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that breast feeding is not always possible. My wife was unable to breat feed after 6 weeks and our baby Olivia was losing weight. We had no choice but to use formula. If the league does accept this, they made a cardinal media training mistake this week by refusing to appear on Close Up and Campbell Live. This would have been a perfect opportunity to state their case, but also recognise that breat feeding is not always possible. But then again, if they don't agree with the use of formula for those who can't breast feed, no amount of media training would help them.
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