Media Training advice for Bob Parker

Posted July 4, 2013

Bob Parker is someone who needs very little media training advice, but during a press conference he gave yesterday, he committed a major media training mistake. ParkerWhile answering questions from journalists about the standing down of council CEO Tony Marryatt, he had his hands in his pockets. This is not a good look for a high profile leader. It can make you look as if you're not taking the topic seriously. While I'm sure that was not the case here, from a media training perspective, perception is everything. The other thing it can do is make your voice sound monotone. This is because gesturing with our hands affects our voice box and makes us look and sound more natural, passionate and believable. If your hands are in your pockets, the opposite can happen. In a high stakes situation like Bob Parker found himself in yesterday, it's vital to look and sound as genuine as possible. Media Training skills have always been a strength of Parker. Who can forget the emotion and empathy he showed after the Christchurch earthquakes. Many would argue that his media skills got him re-elected. As he heads into another Mayoral Election battle, I'm sure these skills will again be a major weapon in his arsenal. But if this 'hands in pockets' episode becomes a regular thing, viewers at home or in other audiences may perceive a change in his motivation for the job.
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