Key must learn media training lesson and release recording

Posted November 15, 2011

If there's nothing incriminating on the tape recording of John Key's cuppa with John Banks, the PM must learn a media training lesson and let it be released. Standing on principle will do National no favours in the lead up to the Election, because commentators and opposition parties will only speculate on its content. Many have already heard the recording and are hinting at what the two men are saying. Winston Peters is having a field day. Without allowing its release, the issue will probably drag on until Election Day. This could affect National's chances of governing alone. Remember their campaign is entirely based on Key, so if voters feel he does have something to hide, they may turn against National. If the tape was released, it would probably be in the news for a day and then the media would move on to something else. Key should learn a media training lesson and allow the tape to be released so his campaign can get back on track. That is of course unless there is something damaging on it. Then the game changes.
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