Hansen must embrace media training advice

Posted December 18, 2011

New All Blacks coach Steve Hanson must take some media training advice and change his attitude towards the fourth estate. A few years ago he told the media 'you are either with us, or against us.' What he overlooked was that the media are not a public relations company for the Rugby Union. They are conveyors of information, both positive and negative, to a passionate rugby public. Any media training expert would tell Hansen to change this approach immediately. To his credit, he has softened over recent seasons. His other issue from a media training perspective is his apparent difficulty in showing any energy and emotion in his media interviews. He is clearly passionate about the game, but tends to stiffen up during his interviews. On occasion his dry sense of humour has come through, but this is more the exception than the rule. Hansen is successful in most areas of his new role. All he needs now is a few media training sessions to fine tune his media interview skills.
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