My book and online course are here

Posted May 11, 2016

My book “Media Training for Modern Leaders” and accompanying online PRACTICAL course “The Media Training Academy” are here.

Media Training for Modern Leaders focuses on everything today’s leaders need to know about the news media. A major part of this is how to be ready for media scrutiny and how to master media interviews. There are also Chapters on attracting media publicity and communicating during a crisis or adverse event.

It's unique because each Chapter has a specific section on what's changed in today's world. It’s important for leaders to understand these changes as a failure to do so can harm reputations. Because its an Australian publisher and distributor, its available in Dymocks and Angus and Robertson stores in Australia. See the picture below of it on the shelf at Dymocks in central Melbourne. In NZ, at this point its available at or the Ebook through Amazon. More to come when I launch in New Zealand.

The Media Training Academy is unique because while its an online course, it involves practical media interviews. This practical element is vital for any media training. You can find out more at

Both the book and course are focused on maintaining and growing reputations in an ever-changing news media landscape. Check them out. Any questions or feedback would be welcomed.

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