Best and worst media quotes of the Cricket World Cup

Posted March 31, 2015

Best and most classy

Brendan McCullum sidestepping the issue when being asked about the unsportsmanlike sledging by the Australians in the final. 


"A send off is a send off. It's not something we are necessarily concerned about. The focus should be on how well Australia played and how much they deserved this victory, rather than minor issues on the way through. I certainly don't want to go too deep into that."


New Zealand may not have won the game, but they score far higher in the respect and reputation stakes than their opponents.


Worst and least classy

Australian Wicket keeper Brad Haddin when talking about his sledging of New Zealand players on a local radio station the morning after the final.


They deserved it. They were that nice to us in New Zealand and we were uncomfortable. I said in the team meeting: “I can’t stand this anymore, we’re going at them as hard as we can.”


He may have been on the winning team on the field, but he has done himself no favours off it. Now he has retired from ODI cricket, he will need to find a job. Good luck with that Brad. If I was the employer, I’d be far more interested in someone who shows respect and good sportsmanship. Someone like Brendan or AB deVilliers.



At a press conference before the final, Australian Captain Michael Clarke was asked the following:

"Michael, you’ve had tremendous SEX, I mean success, as Australian Captain.” Clarke responds, “How well do you know me.”


It’s good to see we can still laugh.


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