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Schools are consistently looking for ways to grow their visibility and reputation in the local community. But most have a limited budget that can make advertising difficult and paying expensive public relations companies impossible.

The answer is for school leaders to learn how to get free publicity in their local and regional media. Such publicity is not only good for visibility and reputation – it is absolutely free if you generate it yourself. You do pay for advertising, but by giving journalists and editors story ideas and content, there is no charge. All you need to know is who they are, what they want, and finally, how to give it to them.

Add to that the growth in your school’s reputation that media coverage automatically provides, and it becomes clear that DIY media publicity is a powerful marketing force.

Recognising these massive benefits, Media Training NZ has put together a course to show school leaders how to generate this publicity and reap all of its rewards.

What will you learn?

• How to find your target media
• What journalists want from your school
• How to give it to them while also getting great publicity
• How to communicate with journalists
• What to do with your published material for greater visibility

Like all Media Training NZ courses, this one is highly practical. Participants are asked to put some of their new skills into practice. Most also walk out the door with a real story idea and know exactly how to get it used by media. One participant had a story in a major metropolitan newspaper within a week and the skills to continue.

Who should attend?

• Whoever is responsible for public relations or marketing. The course has been attended by Principals, Deputy Principals, School PR staff and anyone responsible for promoting the school.

Training Format Options

Private Training

Four-hour course held at your school. You decide who attends.

Public Workshops

These four-hour courses are for individuals who originate from different schools. They take place in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland throughout the year.


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Pete is an expert at generating good publicity. While he was my press secretary in government, I remember weeks when I got more media coverage than the Prime Minister. Pete was largely responsible for that.

Maurice Williamson – Former Transport Minister




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