Crisis Communication Planning for Schools Workshops

If a school bus crashed with loss of life or serious injury, are you ready to communicate with parents and media within minutes? That's what you need to do in this day of 24 hour news and social media.

If your answer is no, you need a Crisis Communication Plan specifically tailored for your school. It's too late to confront these issues when something happens. The answers should be found on a sunny day when clear decisions can be made without the countless stresses that come with a crisis. Call it an insurance policy on your reputation. It's also important for the safety of your students and staff, particularly with the new Health and Safety Legislation.

What will you get from this Workshop?

  • The knowledge of what should be in your plan
  • An understanding of exactly what to do in different situations
  • Experience an unfolding event in a classroom-based drill
  • The opportunity to buy a skeleton plan to take away and tailor for your school (If you haven't already purchased it). This includes access to tailorable templates like ready-to-go media statements

How does the Crisis Communication Planning for Schools Workshop work?

The plan is discussed with reference to a real potential scenario. This makes it easy to understand the importance of each section and how they work together. If you buy the plan, it is shared as a Google Doc and you can take ownership. You can then save into your own system and it can sit alongside other documents and you can tailor specifically for your school.

Training Format Options

At your school with your leadership team

For this 3 hour workshop, Pete comes to your school or another agreed location. You decide who and how many people attend. (Recommended option).

Public Workshops

These 2-hour workshops are where leaders from different schools come together. If you decide on this option, it is best to have two or three people from your school attend.


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The Crisis Communication Plan developed by Pete Burdon is an essential document for Christchurch Boy’ High School. I have a copy at work and home and it has made communications during emergency situations such as earthquakes and evacuations straight forward. Our communications during these situations have enhanced our communities trust in us and our reputation. The plan has given me a sense of control during fast moving situations.

Nic Hill, Headmaster, Christchurch Boys High School

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