Crisis Communication Planning

What would you do if a reporter called you out of the blue to tell you about a major issue or crisis that had just hit your business or organisation? It could be your worst nightmare, or something relatively common that you haven't thought about. How would you communicate with other stakeholders like customers, staff or suppliers?

The answer to this should be found on a sunny day when clear decisions can be made without the countless stresses that come with a crisis. More specifically, you need a tailored Crisis Communication Plan. If you are not ready to communicate almost immediately, you almost guarantee a severe loss of reputation, and in some cases, even business failure. Effective crisis communication management means you are well prepared to face the demands of the media and other stakeholders within minutes.

What will you gain from this course?

  • A skeleton crisis communication plan you can tailor
  • An understanding of who needs to do what in a crisis
  • The knowledge of what you need to do now
  • Common communication mistakes to avoid during the crisis
  • What to do post-crisis to maximise your reputation
  • An Appendix with vital material ready to tailor like ready-to-go media statements

How do Crisis Communication workshops work?

These workshops are very interactive. At times participants are placed into small groups to discuss what they would do in given scenarios. The findings are then discussed to uncover what needs to be done to be ready for these situations.

Examples of real crisis situations are included in the training day. It is made as real as possible.

What is different about this Crisis Communication training?

  • Its practical focus. Pete’s not interested in theory. He is only interested in teaching you exactly what to do if a crisis hits you.
  •  It’s interactive. Pete doesn't give lectures. He gets you involved by getting you to think critically about difficult scenarios.
  • You’ll walk away with a skeleton plan and know how to put it into action.

Training Format Options

Private Group Training

This can take place at either your premises across New Zealand or Australia, or at Media Training NZ in Christchurch. The training will be tailored to meet your specific needs.


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This workshop was excellent. Particularly useful were the practical ‘scenarios’ that the group were asked to assess by Pete as a starting point for the development of a Crisis Communication Plan. Bringing the workshop into the ‘real’ world helped define the importance of developing a thorough Crisis Communication Plan and its necessary steps. There was an assurance that this plan would work in reality and not just on paper. Overall, I would highly recommend this Workshop.

Janina Hanify (Communications Manager, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra)

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