CPPA Package “School Media Management at Critical Times"The package incorporates two workshops per year. These are Media Interview Training and Crisis Communication Planning. The first time a school leader or leaders attend, the Introductory Workshop applies. Then in every year following, they attend the Refresh and Update options.  

The CPPA Package option applies to those who commit to both training events annually. For those who commit to one, the non-package price applies. The only exception to this is school leaders who have already participated in one of these events. For them, the CPPA Package price for the event they haven’t completed will be charged. Then they can move into the Refresher Workshops the following year. Click on the individual course names below for more information on each.

Introductory Workshops

Media Interview Training for School Leaders 

Package Price Full-day ($395+GST) for one OR 6 months access to online Media Training Academy ($395+GST) 

Non-Package Price If taken without Crisis Communication Planning. Full-day ($495+GST) OR 3 months access to online Media Training Academy ($395+GST)

Crisis Communication Planning for Schools Seminar 

Package Price Two-hour Workshop+Plan template for two from same school ($495+GST). Additional people $150+GST

Non-Package Price If taken without Media Interview Training. Two-hour Workshop+Plan template for one ($495+GST). Additional people $150+GST

Package price for Year One. $890+GST


Refresh and Update Workshops

Media Interview Training for School Leaders refresher

Package Price. Half-day for one ($295+GST) OR 6 months access to online Media Training Academy ($295+GST)

Non-Package Price. ($365+GST) OR 3 months access to online Media Training Academy ($365+GST)

Crisis Communication drill for schools to test plans

Package Price. Three hours ($125+GSTpp) Recommend 3 attend, but flexible.

Non-Package Price. Three hours ($495+GST for up to 3 people).

Package price for following years (with 3 at CC Drill) $790+GST


Benefits of choosing the CPPA Package

  • You'll be ready to face the media in any situation. You'll have a plan for dealing with them (and other groups like parents) at difficult times, and be competent in high stakes media interviews.
  • For your introductory workshops, you'll save $100+GST for your Introductory Media Interview Training Session, or have an extra 3 months free access to the Media Training Academy, while a second staff member will attend the Crisis Communication Planning Workshop FREE.
  • For your refresh and update training, you'll save $70+GST on your media interview training or save this plus have an extra 3 months access to the Media Training Academy. You will also save at least $120+GST on your Crisis Communication Drills and have greater flexibility on how many people attend.
  • Your school will receive a free copy of Media Training for Modern Leaders, By Pete Burdon, currently selling in bookshops across Australia.
  • You'll qualify for reduced emergency consultation rates with Pete Burdon (From $300+GST PER HOUR DOWN TO $200+GST PER HOUR.)

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