Telecom show Alasdair Thompson media training lesson

Posted August 19, 2011

Telecom's backdown from it's 'Abstain for the Game' campaign was handled perfectly from a media training perspective. Once the company knew that public opinion was strongly against the whole concept, they pulled the pin immediately and apologised. The media statement the company issued after the decision said it all. "We misjudged public feeling...No excuses. We caused offence to some people, and for that we apologise." The decision was commended by commentators across the country. This shows that people do forgive and Telecom's reputation will not now be tarnished. They admitted their mistake and then apologised. That is now the end of the matter. In contrast, Alasdair Thompson made a fatal error from a media training standpoint. He did not apologise when he saw how the public reacted to his arguement. For that reason, he kept the story alive and tarnished his reputation enough to make continuation in his role untenable. The public are forgiving, but only after an apology.
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