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Hillary Clinton follows Key in popularity stakes, despite bad publicity

7 May 2015
For the last three months, Hillary Clinton has been the subject of major negative publicity. But instead of dropping in the popularity stakes, she keeps going up. Two issues have been responsible for the bad publicity. These were an email scandal (where she admitted to using her personal email account when Secretary of State) and issues around funding for her foundation. Despite this her approval rating has jumped 9 points in those three months, while another 8 percent think she is...

Ekim Burger rant shows need for crisis communication plan

30 April 2015
The Facebook response from a Wellington Burger business owner to an accusation of food poisoning is exactly why crisis communication plans are so vital these days. It began when a customer sent him a private Facebook message. It began by saying the message was not a complaint. It then said she thought her son had been poisoned by one of his burgers. He then made her message public, and posted an expletive filled update that insulted ‘office jocks’, ‘middle class housewives’...

Key handles Ponytail Gate fallout well

24 April 2015
Responding to an issue like Ponytail Gate can be full of fish hooks for a public figure, but John Key has dealt with it well. He had already apologised to the girl in question before this. Then when the media storm erupted, he admitted he was wrong and had misread the situation. His first response to journalists could have perhaps been a bit more passionate from a body language perspective, but his more recent one was better. His words were: "I'm...

Campbell Live can help Politicians

14 April 2015
If Campbell Live is dropped by TV3, it will be the end of an important media stage for politicians to get their messages through to potential voters. Since the news of the show’s possible demise broke, there has been talk about its possible editorial bias, and even conspiracy theories about why it may end. But what has not be mentioned is that Campbell Live gives politicians from all sides of Parliament the opportunity to talk to their audience unedited. There are...

Media tips for appearing on Paul Henry's breakfast show

9 April 2015
To make the most of an appearance on the new Paul Henry Show, you need to be aware your audience will be split between radio listeners and television watchers. This means you will need to approach your appearance with both audiences in mind. One of the most common traps people fall into during media interviews is that they forget who their audience is. It’s never the person asking the questions. It’s the people watching on the couch at home or listening...

Best and worst media quotes of the Cricket World Cup

31 March 2015
Best and most classy Brendan McCullum sidestepping the issue when being asked about the unsportsmanlike sledging by the Australians in the final. "A send off is a send off. It's not something we are necessarily concerned about. The focus should be on how well Australia played and how much they deserved this victory, rather than minor issues on the way through. I certainly don't want to go too deep into that." New Zealand may not have won the game, but they...

A B deVilliers media skills an example to other sportspeople

25 March 2015
The media skills shown by South African Captain A B deVilliers after last night’s loss should act as a great example to other sportspeople. Firstly, he was clearly devastated by the last over loss, but still acted with grace and sportsmanship. The last thing he would have wanted was talk to media and sit through a lengthy press conference. But that’s exactly what he did. At one stage he was the only South African on the field. His team mates couldn’t...

Ex X Factor judges must apologise publicly

17 March 2015
The only way for Willy Moon and Natalie Kills to salvage what’s left of their reputations is to apologise to Joe Irvine unreservedly and immediately. They should do it in private and publicly. If there’s one thing people dislike more than major blunders, it’s the refusal of those at fault to front up and take responsibility. There may be aspects of this behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Maybe Moon and Kills were encouraged to be brutal. But they...

Lessons from yesterday's 1080 threat announcement

11 March 2015
Anyone in business should learn from the decision by Government, Police and the Dairy Industry to announce the threat that has been posed to baby formula in NZ if the use of 1080 is not stopped. Clearly it was necessary to alert consumers before the end of March, because that was the time the eco-terrorist gave authorities to end the use of 1080 in New Zealand. Any parent using baby formula would be angry (to say the least) if they were...

Pacific spying, John Key and the media

5 March 2015
How well has John Key dealt with the media over Nicky Hager’s announcement about the GCSB spying on our Pacific neighbours? In my opinion, about as well as possible. Firstly, the decision to publicly deny any wrong-doing before Hager released his story was a good PR move. Why? Because this allowed him to get on the front foot and get his side of the story out before Hager hogged the headlines. This is something we discuss with our media training clients....
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