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Pete is a leading New Zealand media trainer and regular blogger for his company, Media Training NZ . He has helped leaders from all sectors of society communicate with the media and other stakeholders. Pete is a former daily newspaper reporter and press secretary in the New Zealand government. From these roles, he understands the media process from both sides of the camera.

Greens election campaign offers media training lessons

28 November 2011
The Green Party deserves congratulations for running a textbook election campaign from a media training perspective. Firstly, they had three key messages they continued to repeat throughout the campaign. These were jobs, rivers and kids. Most media training professionals will tell clients to focus on three simple and clear messages. This is the best way to get their three most important platforms into the minds of their audiences. The Greens did this well. Another media training lesson can be learnt from...

Key and Goff show media training skills in final debate

23 November 2011
Both Phil Goff and John Key showed the benefits of media training tonight by lifting their performances in the final leaders debate on TVNZ's Close Up. Media training has clearly been on their agenda's over the last few days as they fine tuned the messages they wanted to get across to undecided voters. Key has always been gifted at communicating his messages clearly and briefly. That was evident again tonight. His main messages were National's focus on growing jobs by backing...

Goff improves media training skills

21 November 2011
Labour leader Phil Goff has clearly received media training over the last few weeks as he came across far better in tonight's TV3 leaders debate than he did in his first encounter with Prime Minister John Key. Goff was more statesmanlike, appearing assertive without the confrontational style that let him down in the first debate. He also showed more personality. He seemed relaxed and smiled more. This reasonated well with the group of undecided voters whose approval or disapproval of the...

Harawira and Peters show media training skills

16 November 2011
Mana's Hone Harawira and NZ First's Winston Peters showed their media training skills on tonight's minor party leaders debate on TVNZ's Close Up programme. Known for his aggressive approach to media interviews, Harawira dampened down this tactic enough to clearly get his messages across in a highly effective way. Any media training course will highlight the need to show emotion and express yourself as much as possible. Harawira did this throughout the interview. His passion clearly came through in his voice...

Key must learn media training lesson and release recording

15 November 2011
If there's nothing incriminating on the tape recording of John Key's cuppa with John Banks, the PM must learn a media training lesson and let it be released. Standing on principle will do National no favours in the lead up to the Election, because commentators and opposition parties will only speculate on its content. Many have already heard the recording and are hinting at what the two men are saying. Winston Peters is having a field day. Without allowing its release,...

Media training lesson why Key won leaders debate

31 October 2011
His mastery of body language was why Prime Minister John Key clearly won the first leaders debate between himself and Labour Leader Phil Goff tonight. Most media training courses highlight the importance of body language, because it has far more impact on viewers than verbal communication. People bond more with people who look relaxed, smile and don't get too confrontational. This was exactly how Key came across, but Goff was less than warm. While there was some confrontation from both men,...

Chance for Goff to show media training and leadership skills

29 October 2011
Monday night's TV debate is an opportunity for Labour Leader Phil Goff to put his media training skills and leadership credentials to the test. Part of his failure to connect with voters is that he gets few opportunities to show people how he ticks. An 8 second sound bite on TV is all he usually gets, and he comes across as angry when delivering those most of the time. John Key on the other hand does look like a leader and...

Schools survive media scrutiny

9 September 2011
Three incidents across the North Island this week have shown how easily schools can be thrust into the media spotlight. Bus Crash The bus crash with the logging truck bought the Principals of the three schools involved into the news, although they were not at the forefront of the coverage. Mystery Illness The Wellington School with the mystery illness was more focused, but the Ombudsman's report into bullying at Hutt Valley High School must be any Principal's worst nightmare. Hutt Valley...

Why leaders need media training

26 August 2011
Successful leaders across New Zealand have one important thing in common. They are all great media communicators. John Key and Bob Parker are two names that spring to mind. John Key Let’s look at John Key. It doesn’t seem to matter what unpopular policies he puts on the table. It has no affect on his popularity or that of the National Party. He remains preferred Prime Minister by unprecedented levels. It’s clearly not all of his policies that make him popular....

Telecom show Alasdair Thompson media training lesson

19 August 2011
Telecom's backdown from it's 'Abstain for the Game' campaign was handled perfectly from a media training perspective. Once the company knew that public opinion was strongly against the whole concept, they pulled the pin immediately and apologised. The media statement the company issued after the decision said it all. “We misjudged public feeling...No excuses. We caused offence to some people, and for that we apologise." The decision was commended by commentators across the country. This shows that people do forgive and...
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