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Russell Coutts media training skills could damage Team NZ

29 September 2013
One reason Team New Zealand won so much public admiration was because of the media training skills of both Dean Barker and Grant Dalton. They are both straight shooters and their body language shows just how committed they are to their team and their country. From a media training perspective, this is vital. Even when they lost, their focus was on congratulating Oracle and apologising to their supporters. There was no interest in pushing for an enquiry into Oracle’s remarkable turn-around,...

Cunliffe media training skills will hurt Greens

19 September 2013
David Cunliffe’s media training skills will see Labour gain far more media coverage than under former leader David Shearer. This will hurt the Greens more than any other party. Political reporters always look for party leaders to offer interesting comments opposing government policy. This is something Shearer was not good at. He had a point to get across, but he never mastered the art of the 10 second sound bite. His predecessor Phil Goff was the same. For that reason, the...

Tony Abbott's media training skills helped him over the line

10 September 2013
Like him or loathe him, Australia’s new Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has some impressive media training skills that helped him win the top job across the Tasman. Few will know, but Abbott is a former journalist. From there he became a Press Secretary in the office of former Liberal Party leader John Hewson. He advised on media issues. This is why his media training skills are so good. He knows what journalists want and he knows how to give it to...

Media Training advice for Council candidates

5 September 2013
Media training skills are vital for all Local Government candidates, because if they don’t all have a clear message about why voters should tick the box beside their name, they are unlikely to succeed. This is a classic example where media training is not only useful for media interviews. Before I vote for someone, I want to know why I should vote for them. It’s not enough to say they have a successful background and they are committed. I would expect...

Could the media training skills of Shane Jones make him a contender?

29 August 2013
Most commentators seem to have dismissed Shane Jones from the Labour Party leadership race, but could his media training skills be what the party needs? Commentators always talk about who has the support in Caucus, the Party and the Unions, but what really counts is who appeals to swinging voters or those who often don’t even bother to vote. That’s where Elections are won and lost. So that’s what those with a vote on the new leader should be thinking about....

Media training and presentation skills cost Shearer

23 August 2013
The demise of David Shearer can be placed firmly at the feet of his media training and presentation skills. The problem he had was that 99 percent of the population only ever saw him on Television. That’s the reality for political leaders these days, so if you don’t present well on TV, you’re doomed to fail. We always highlight the importance of body language to our media training clients. If your actions and tone of voice don’t match the words coming out...

Key learns from media training mistake by not speculating on Fonterra

14 August 2013
John Key has learnt from a media training mistake he made earlier this year by refusing to speculate on whether Sri Lanka was being opportunist in complaining about DCD levels in its Fonterra milk products. This coming days after the baby formula crisis broke. Despite generally having first-class media training skills, earlier this year Key fell into the speculation trap. He did this by saying that New Zealand could join South Korea on the battlefield if a war broke out with...

Fonterra case shows link between media training and crisis communication

7 August 2013
Fonterra’s handling of the baby formula scandal shows how vital it is that organisations have both a crisis communication plan and staff equipped with effective media training skills. The first mistake seems to have been the company’s failure to have planned for such a disaster. A crisis communication plan should predict potential crises and have all the materials and key points needed to communicate with stakeholders in each scenario drafted and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This involves preparing...

Shearer improves media training skills with Housing Policy interviews

1 August 2013
The media training skills of Labour Leader David Shearer improved significantly when he announced the new policy of excluding foreigners from buying houses in New Zealand. Regardless of the pros and cons of the policy, Shearer came across far better in the media than he usually does. From a media training perspective, there were two reasons for this. Firstly, his body language was consistent with what he was saying. He often has an effective message to get across, but because he...

Coke campaign highlights important media training lesson

26 July 2013
For Coke’s anti-obesity campaign to grow the company’s reputation, its spokespeople will need to improve their media training skills. That's because whenever Coke comes under intense media scrutiny, their spokespeople need to know how to ensure the subsequent news coverage highlights the good things they are doing, including this campaign. Earlier in the year these skills were woefully inadequate. The company attacked a Judge’s view that excessive Coke consumption may have contributed to the death of an Invercargill woman. From a...
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