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Best World Cup spokesperson revealed

30 September 2015
Japan coach Eddie Jones stands head and shoulders above every other coach when it comes to post-match press conference performances at the Rugby World Cup. He expresses himself well by gesturing with his hands, while he makes his points using interesting language. For example, he used a great analogy when he was asked what his team’s chances were of making the quarter-finals after Japan lost to Scotland. He said: “Hopefully the game between South Africa and Samoa at the weekend will...

Key deals well with Cameron story

25 September 2015
John Key could have damaged his credibility if he got drawn into the David Cameron story this week. But his decision to distance himself from it may have even grown his popularity with some voters. When asked about his views on Cameron’s university escapades, Key said he had nothing to say about it. In almost all situations, Key is cooperative with the media. But he was right to stay away from this one. It’s got nothing to do with his role...

Turnbull praises Key for good reason

17 September 2015
Malcolm Turnbull made a good point when he praised John Key for his ability to explain complex issues and make a case for them. This has always been a tough job for political leaders. It’s becoming even more difficult as the average length of a sound bite is now around 7 seconds, down from 15 a few years ago. Even live broadcast interviews give leaders little time to get their points across. So how does Key do this? When he knows...

Schools discover power of media publicity. Have you?

9 September 2015
Most leaders see the news media as a threat, but two schools have recently illustrated why attracting media attention can be a powerful tool in any marketing arsenal. Tokirima School spent most of this year trying to find a Principal, but couldn’t get anyone to apply. Then a story appeared about their search in the Waikato Times. This led to 28 applications from contenders in Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. This isn’t unusual, but very few organisations ever consider...

What's Labour's Flag message?

3 September 2015
Media Training 101 says that before you front the media on any issue, you organise a message that you want to get across. Labour appears to have failed dismally on this when it comes to the Flag debate. In last year’s election campaign, Labour Leader Andrew Little said the time was right for a vote on the flag. That’s fairly clear. But then as public opposition to the referendum grew, the message appeared to change. Or did it? Little has talked...

What makes Jacinda Ardern popular?

26 August 2015
After a poll ranked Jacinda Ardern as fourth most preferred Prime Minister, the focus of the news appears to be a comment Graham Lowe made about her looks on the Paul Henry Show. But what’s the reason for her popularity? When answering this question, media skills must be at the top of the list. That’s because TV is the only place the vast majority of people ever see her. I believe it’s her ability to express emotion. Whenever she is making...

Is Mike Hosking objective?

20 August 2015
This week’s discussion about the objectivity of Mike Hosking has failed to recognise the two roles he plays. When he interviews people, he is more of a reporter. But when he gives his editorial views, he is more of a commentator. So what does this mean? Hosking as interviewer As an interviewer, I believe he is totally objective. While he may put the counter view to someone he is interviewing, he always gives them a fair chance to express their point....

How good are Donald Trump's media skills?

13 August 2015
Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has great media skills. That’s why he’s leading the other Republican candidates in the polls. Personally I give him zero chance of winning the Republican nomination for President, but his media skills are why he’s currently leading. So why are his media skills so effective? I put this down to three Cs. Firstly, he is Clear. So many leaders think they need to use intellectual language to impress audiences. Trump doesn’t. He uses...

Are female interviewers different?

7 August 2015
Rachel Smalley makes a great point about the domination of male hosts in prime time radio. She argues that some issues are dealt with differently by women and their approach is needed to balance up the male perspective. She uses Battered Women’s Syndrome and the Gender Pay Gap as two such examples. She has a good point. Smalley made the comment when expressing her disappointment that John Campbell would replace Mary Wilson as host of the Drive Time show on Radio...

Why Colin Craig must sue

30 July 2015
If Colin Craig wants any future in politics, he must follow through with his proposed legal action and win. That’s because the popularity he developed before recent issues arose was based entirely on his perceived integrity and desire for open government. This could be highlighted by the Conservative Party policy of binding referendums. I’ve commented many times on Craig’s inability to deflect media interviews away from ridiculous topics like the moon landing onto his party’s policies. If he could have done...
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