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Police and Heather du Plessis-Allan

4 December 2015
There’s an old Mark Twain quote that says, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”. This is relevant in Heather du Plessis-Allan’s gun saga with Police. The saying basically says ‘don’t pick a fight with the media because you’ll lose’. I must qualify this. I’m not saying Police shouldn’t investigate a case involving the media. But what I am saying is that if they do, they must be ready to respond immediately and defend their position....

Taylor Swift's media mistake

26 November 2015
Taylor Swift’s media mistake The failure of Taylor Swift to front up and acknowledge that too many vehicles were on Bethells Beach on Monday for her photo shoot has guaranteed that all media coverage around the issue is negative. Her crew were permitted to have two vehicles on the beach, but arrived in 12. The restriction is in place to protect the endangered dotterel birds that live on the beach. The issue has blown up on social media and that anger...

Jonah's special media skills

18 November 2015
Jonah Loma was a great example to leading sportspeople about how to express themselves through the media. He was a bit raw when he first played for the All Blacks, but soon developed into an expert in front of the camera. What was his secret? He was always himself. People didn’t just like him for his rugby ability, but how he wore his heart on his sleeve. He let us into his life. He shared his feelings with us. He didn’t...

Key comment taken out of context

11 November 2015
The comment John Key made in Parliament yesterday about rapists and child molesters has been taken out of context to make it sound worse than it was. This post is not written to debate the rights or wrongs of the comment, but to point out what it actually meant in context. I was in the public gallery at the time. The Prime Minister was asked what the Government was doing for the detainees. His response what that the best support was...

Labour falling into Colin Craig message trap

5 November 2015
Labour have a great opportunity this weekend to launch a fresh party message and policies to back that up. But instead it appears they are going to fall into what I call ‘the Colin Craig trap.’ Let me explain. When media are either interviewing you or covering your conference, they will produce interesting stories. That’s their job. They’d get fired if they didn’t. So when Colin Craig responds to the question, “do you think chemtrails are a government conspiracy,” with, “I...

David Seymour's media nous

29 October 2015
It’s rare for political parties with one MP to get much media attention. They get very few opportunities in Parliamentary Question Time, and few resources and time to devote to it. However, Act’s David Seymour has received his fair share over recent weeks. While media attention is par for the course for government’s and major oppositions, smaller parties need extra effort to stay on the media stage. It’s vital they remain in the minds of potential voters, otherwise many will not...

John Key and rugby analogies

22 October 2015
It’s well known that John Key is a natural when it comes to media interviews. He comes across as natural and in control. But what the novice may not realise is his ability to get his points through media gatekeepers and into news stories. Unless interviews are live, reporters will only take little snippets from interviews and place them in the final story. This is the same for TV, radio and print media. John Key is well aware of this so...

Clinton's body language wins debate

15 October 2015
Hilary Clinton was the clear winner in the first Democratic Debate last night. Most of the post debate discussion has been about what the five candidates said, but l declare here the winner because of her body language. This is something that’s often overlooked in political debates, but it’s just as important, if not more so, than what’s said. Those who appear more likeable and natural have a huge advantage when it comes to voters casting their ballots. That’s why John...

Labour's risky TPP message

6 October 2015
Labour need to be absolutely clear with their message on the TPP if they want to avoid alienating potential voters. They risk falling into the same trap they did on the flag debate. The current message appears to be that the party is for free trade, but has five bottom lines to satisfy before supporting the agreement. Is Labour seriously saying it may not support an agreement that cuts 93 percent of our tariffs with the other 11 countries? That appears...

Best World Cup spokesperson revealed

30 September 2015
Japan coach Eddie Jones stands head and shoulders above every other coach when it comes to post-match press conference performances at the Rugby World Cup. He expresses himself well by gesturing with his hands, while he makes his points using interesting language. For example, he used a great analogy when he was asked what his team’s chances were of making the quarter-finals after Japan lost to Scotland. He said: “Hopefully the game between South Africa and Samoa at the weekend will...
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