Media Training Workshops for AuthorsAs an author, you are highly likely to be the subject of media interviews. You could be pro-active in attracting media attention, or you could be sought out as an expert in your field. Media Training for Authors Workshops prepare you for every media opportunity that you may face. Whether you are preparing for an interview with print or broadcasting media, this workshop will make you shine.

What exactly will you learn?

  • How to package what you want to say
  • How to control what the reporter or producer uses in subsequent stories
  • How to avoid being misquoted and quoted out of context
  • How to answer questions, including difficult ones
  • How to communicate better in other environments like presenting to live audiences 
  • Attracting media interest. (See last paragraph below).

How do the Media Training Workshops work?

The primary training method is videotaped, mock interviews. It’s important that you are on camera as much as possible. One skill is focused on at a time, before you are asked to put that into practice on camera. This is followed by a constructive critique. It’s then time to move on to another area. The workshops are entertaining and the nerves evaporate early in the day.

Because this practical element of training is so important, numbers in these workshops are limited to small groups. That way you get all the attention you need.

Another area that can be covered is how to get the media interested in your book in the first place. This is an area where many authors come unstuck and get frustrated. Its important to know exactly what interests the media and how to communicate with them.

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Anyone looking to get the "Insider" training on how to utilise the media for the purposes of promotion need to do Pete Burdon's insightful and hands on practical class on Media Training for Authors. I always thought the media would just get out of you what THEY want but Pete's guidance and experience- based insights were invaluable as a way of turning the media into an ally. I can say I am quite confident and prepared for any media engagement now as a result of Pete's training. If you have the opportunity to take his class, please do it and thank me later.

 Andrew Verity: Author: The Efficient CEO Brain


I found your media training workshop really helpful. The best bits for me were the interviews and learning how I react in an interview situation. It was great to be able to go back and watch the interviews again and to see my own body language and listen to how I framed my answers- and to watch the others with this as well. I did things on camera that I wasn’t aware of and there were things I learnt that I can improve on with practice. To sum up, I really enjoyed the practicality of the workshop and I came away with some valuable messages about my book.

 Ian Davies: Author: Dynamic Teaching

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